ADVANCE offers opportunities for sustainability of our efforts through training and support for church leaders, workers and community volunteers.

Training Programme

ADVANCE Training of Trainers workshops are a way to empower the members of the church and society to participate in activities that affect them and to access the information, skills and services they need to protect their health, improve their standard of living and pursue a better quality of life.

Our various projects are designed to focus on addressing critical issues that affect children, women and men in poor communities and among vulnerable populations in Nigeria. In order to effectively do this, we train church leaders and workers and community volunteers to help sustain the impact of our work. Our training programmes enable participants to return back into their communities and help alleviate individual and collective vulnerability to HIV and AIDS, abuse, and social injustices. Over 300 volunteers and 9 paid staff strive to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of spiritual, education, life-skills, HIV/AIDS, health promotion, and support services in the communities where we serve.

In the United Evangelical Church, ADVANCE plays a leadership role by setting standards of excellence in program and service delivery, and by working with church policy makers to address complex ethical and socio-economic issues. Some of key priority areas working with the church include:

Increasing churches capacities for effective HIV/AIDS prevention, improvement of child wellbeing, gender equality, empowering women, and ensuring stigma and discrimination reduction

Enhancing churches engagement with orphans and vulnerable children, widows and at-risk women, and people living with HIV and affected populations.

Promoting opportunities for learning, discipleship, income generation, education and dissemination of information and resources.

Sustaining and improving the effectiveness of programs and interventions within and outside the church for the benefit of the general society.

ADVANCE has achieved a great deal in the five years since her inception. Excellent teams are active in seven areas and in twelve other areas teams are active and working. Thousands of lives have been protected by the reception of HIV prevention training and the uptake of free HIV testing. Thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS have found comfort and support in the first days of learning they had HIV and practical and ongoing counselling in the days and years following their diagnosis.

Capacity Building within the Church

Capacity building is central to the work of ADVANCE as we seek to achieve more sustainable impacts from missional and development work. This ensures that the positive impact on our performance results continue to be multiplied no matter what happens with funding of our projects.

Our core efforts enable us to focus our resources and interventions more strategically to build, strengthen or improve the effectiveness of both national and local churches capacities. As a dynamic organization, ADVANCE is actively engaged with the communities we serve through practical application of best practices.

ADVANCE has been working since 2003 to build the capacity of the United Evangelical Church in Nigeria and to strengthen their linkages with government bodies and non-governmental organisations through Mission Africa support and funding. The long-term aim of Mission Africa support and funding is to build capacity of local churches and communities so that they can make a more effective contribution to the objectives of the government social and economic improvement strategies, such as the HIV mitigation and poverty reduction strategies. This strategic focus combined with a commitment to help strengthen the institutional capacity of local churches in Nigeria is what drives ADVANCE forward and increases the reach, range and availability of our services.