January 2016 Prayer Diary

Give thanks for ADVANCE ministry in Nigeria, for work carried out on all the projects in 2015 and for all the new work that is continuing to develop in 2016.

Day 1. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria suffering persecution today. Ask the Lord to help them to stand firm and be courageous for what they believe. Ask God to comfort and provide for them and help them to be shining witnesses for Him.

Day 2. Remember the 400,000 children living with HIV in Nigeria and those who care for them. Pray for those investing their resources care support services for children and those working directly with the children to ensure that they reach their potential in each area of their lives.

Pray that God will give ADVANCE staff and volunteers the courage and compassion to be brighter lights and more effective seasoning in the communities we serve.

Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him. - 1 Chronicles 16:11

Day 3. Ask the Lord to anoint our Community Coordinators and Team Leaders with power and compassion. Pray that their daily lives and work will be guided by sound biblical understanding of the gospel and they will practice it clearly, so that people in their communities can hear, see and respond to Christ’s invitation to salvation.

Day 4. Pray that the LORD will refresh and inspire Christians working in challenging parts of Nigeria as missionaries, and others serving in health, education, relief and development, culture and arts, business, communications, civil service, and other areas.

Day 5. Pray for our clients as they continue to allow our counsellors provide them with need support and encouragement. Ask the LORD to be the peace and comfort as they express their unspoken and frequently unconscious concerns about living with HIV such as: acknowledging emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, developing social skills, reducing anxiety, building up self-esteem and solving problems.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. - James 1:27

Day 6. Praise God for all the progress that Government and Non-Governmental Organisations have made to tackle poverty in Nigeria, and pray that the Nigerian society will become more fair, equal and just.

Day . Remember the thousands of volunteers and government workers fulfilling many roles in our communities in this time of unrest from Boko Haram. Pray too that those saddled with the responsibility to care of people in IPD camps will make every effort to do so with love and justice.

Day 8. Give thanks to the Lord for the United Evangelical Church and other churches in Nigeria proclaiming God’s truth and demonstrating His compassion through national and local initiatives that serve individuals and families - children, youth, women and men. Pray for the church leadership as they consider ways to be effective agents of change in the society.

Day 9. Pray for all fellow believers in Christ in Africa, Asia and Middle-East who are suffering for their faith, for all who are carrying the pain and grief of injustice and oppression across the world.