Pregnant in My Final Year in School

My father died when I was 9 years old. I grew up with mother in the town of Suleija along with 2 brothers. When I was in my final year in Secondary School at the Government Secondary School, Suleija, the school found out that I was pregnant. My mother became very disturbed becuase of this. She said she was counting on me to be a good example to my brothers and have a brighter future so I could help my borthers, but becoming pregnant will make things very diifcult. The CRK teacher of the school was the only person who talked kindly to me and helped me cope with being pregant and dealing with the shame. She spoke to my mum and counselled her to continue to give me all the support she could and that she would help her take care of me.

Today I am living a very happy life - I am able to support my child, my mum and my brothers.

Thank God for the CRK teacher. What she said to my mother helped my mother not to send me away to my grandparents in the village but support me to keep the pregnancy and continue to study. She also took me and my mum to see a counsellor at the ADVANCE ministry in Utako. At this time I had only three months left to write my final exams and leave secondary school. The counsellor at ADVANCE was very helpful to me and counselled me and my mum on the challenegs we were confronting and guided us to plan ahead through our difficulties. Through my mum's support and the emotional, spiritual, material and financial support we received from ADVANCE, I was able to write and pass my final year exams, attended antenatal clinics and bought all the things I needed for me and my baby.

Over the past two years, I had my baby, Hope, have done a months computer training course, and now I have enrolled in tailoring apprenticeship. Today I am living a very happy life - I am able to support my child, my mum and my brothers. I am also hoping to start a part-time University course in business administration and accounting next year (2016). Thanks to ADVANCE for bringing positive change in my life and helping me plan for the future ahead. A