ADVANCE Christian Compassion Initiative is a registered Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to promoting biblical social justice and enhancing quality of life.

Our Story

ADVANCE started over 15 years ago as a joint project between Mission Africa and United Evangelical Church in response to the growing effects and crisis of HIV and AIDS in Nigeria.

We informally began as an awareness programme to advocate with and care for persons and families who have been infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. To encourage partner churches to live out Jesus' ministry of love and justice in the society, ADVANCE further developed a holistic church-wide response to meet the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Our Mission

ADVANCE seeks to provide life transforming and compassionate services to individuals and families, through socioeconomic, spiritual and capacity building engagements.

Our goal is to be a transforming agent that effects change with purpose and power, thereby connecting all people with compassion and care that leads to knowing Christ. We aim to be an enduring provider of information, education, counselling, skills and related services that benefits the spiritual, emotional, social, and economic wellbeing of vulnerable populations.


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Mary Ugbenyo

Child WellBeing/Protection

Coordinate responses to improve the wellbeing of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and support poor families.


Patience Sattong

Women Empowerment

Support vulnerable and disadvantage women to develop skills and abilities for self-reliance.


Lynsey Njukullah

Special Needs Facilitator

Ministering to children with differences and providing direct services to families in individualized settings.


Nwosu Chinonyerem

Centre Programs Coordinator

Provide around the clock support to local staff in delivery of programs objectives and person centred approaches.


Rueben Agbo

Centre Manager

Plans, organises, and coordinates client-focused and community-centred activities and services.


Reuben Peter

Driver/Admin. Support

Assists in all operational aspects of ministry service delivered by staff and to clients, including driving duties.


Justina Ajiji

Support Services

Ensure a clean and healthy working environment clients, visitors, staff and members of the general public.


Want to make a meaningful difference?

We are looking for helpful volunteers with a compassionate heart to serve poor and vulnerable children, women and families in Nigeria!

Our volunteer program fosters and promotes Christian service opportunities for people of all backgrounds, ages and skills. You will find different programs like HIV and AIDS awareness, HIV Counselling and Testing, orphans and vulnerable children care and support, office administration, teaching lifeskills or subjects in local schools, training women and young girls, sports ministry and visiting and praying with clients.

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What are the Four Areas of ADVANCE Ministry Focus?

LOVE Loving God with our Hearts.
FOCUS Engaging with the Poor and Marginalised.
PLAN Promoting initiatives that Improve Well-being.
SERVE Engaging the world around us with tact, love, and wisdom.

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Our goal is to provide the care, training, resources, and ongoing support needed to change the lives of the children and adults we serve in Nigeria.

Sustainability Training

We train and nurture strong leaders and local volunteers with practical knowledge and skills to apply compassion to situations of ignorance, poverty, and disease in their communities.

Counselling and Support

We seek to improve the quality of life and opportunities for all God’s people by engaging, partnering, and empowering those in need through counselling, visitation, and microcredit.

Child Well-being

We celebrate and value the uniqueness of every child. Our person-centred approach has compassion at its core. Our child sponsorship is relationship-driven rather than resource driven.

Become an ADVANCER

Our supporters play an integral part in all aspects of the work we do. Every ADVANCER is a conduit through which the people we serve in Nigeria experience the unwavering love and compassion of God. There are three areas that you can be involved with ADVANCE: Pray with Us, Stay in Touch, and Funding.

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Our Projects

ADVANCE works to implement its vision of more empowered and compassionate communities by conducting impact-oriented projects. Every donation to any of our 12 projects makes a difference.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

HIV Prevention + AIDS Care

Help us reduce HIV prevalence rate and AIDS-related mortality in the communities where we work by donating towards integrated HIV prevention, care and support services at the family and the community level.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Child Sponsorship

Help us build better support systems and provide integrated care for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children living in dire poverty and help disadvantaged families build better futures for their children.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

S.U.R.G.E. - Girls Only

Help us empower vulnerable girls from low-income families delay sexual debu, prevent abortion, and develop healthy lifestyles through discipleship, sports, education, counselling, and integrated social activities.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Child Abuse Prevention

Our programs empower children against abuse and raise community awareness on child abuse issues by educating parents, teachers and church to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child abuse.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Women Empowerment Group

Your donation will help empower the most vulnerable women, especially widows and those living with HIV and AIDS, with microfinance support and continuous training so that they can in return help others.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Family Support Programme

At ADVANCE we walk side by side with our clients living with HIV and AIDS through the trials and triumphs of their specific situations. Your donations will help provide for their basic needs of food, medicines and income generation.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Vocational Skills Training

Help us empower young people to develop strong social and productive economic skills through life skills training in tailoring, information technology, catering services, literacy and numeracy and basic management skills.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Abigail's Fund

Abigail’s Fund Project provides nutrition education, supplementary foods and health care support to poor and vulnerable pregnant women, new mothers and orphaned infants to keep them healthy and strong.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Discipleship Program

Your donation to our discipleship program (curriculum, outreach events, and training for their leaders) will enable young people gain an experience of a lifetime growing in a deeper knowledge of Christ with other believers.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

12 Marks Leadership Program

Your donation will help us train and equip church leaders and congregations to actively and compassionately engage with the critical issues experienced by the communities they serve and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

ADVANCE Malaria Project

The Malaria Project aims at improving prevention and treatment of malaria at the individual and family level through the distribution of insecticide treated nets (ITNs) and providing access to diagnosis and treatment.

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Designated Giving Opportunity

Field Workers + Staff

Your donation to our discipleship program (curriculum, outreach events, and training for their leaders) will enable young people gain an experience of a lifetime growing in a deeper knowledge of Christ and fellowship.

As followers of Christ, we must imitate His lifestyle of compassion, kindness and love. Join the ADVANCE Christian Compassion conversation.

"When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless..." (Matthew 9:35-38).


Connect with us by keeping up-to-date with ADVANCE news, stories, insights, and prayer diary. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

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News and Stories

NEWS - ADVANCE transforms lives. Our team works on the ground closely with individuals, families, churches and community groups to give hope, health and a future to children, women and men. Connect with our latest news to discover new ways of helping us in our work.

STORIES - Working directly with children, women and families on the ground gives us a personal view on what it's like to have hope through practical works of compassion. Read inspiring stories from some of the people we have supported. Every one of our clients has a story worth sharing.

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Prayer Diary + Newsletter

PRAYER DIARY - Prayer lies at the heart of our relationship with God and so it is also at the heart of all that we do as a church community. If you'd like to support us in prayer, thank you! Please visit the prayer diary for specific needs and concerns, testimonies and thankgiving.

INSIGHTS - We have designed our inSights to help you connect with our missionaries and stay informed of the latest ministry developments. It will also help you discover key ideas, people, projects, opportunities and news from the ADVANCE community on the impact of our work.

Upcoming Event

ADVANCE events are wonderful opportunities for volunteers to raise awareness and provide financial support of our work. We encourage you to support our work by attending, sponsoring, or volunteering at one of our upcoming events.

Circle of Hope Food Share

Place: Ogugu, Abuja
Event Post

Community HIV Awareness

Place: Nyanya, Abuja
Event Post

Child Abuse Awareness Program

Place: Makurdi, Benue
Event Post

Medical and Social Outreach

Place: UEC Sabon Gari, Kano
Event Post

Hadassah Project - Women Training

Place: Utako, Abuja
Event Post

S.U.R.G.E. - Girls' Ministry Discpleship

Place: Utako, Abuja
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We welcome enquiries from those wishing to find out more about our work. Individuals and organisations wishing to make a donation or to support our work are also welcome to contact us using the contact details below. Thanks.

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