ADVANCE has been working for over 15 years to deliver needed HIV prevention, education, care, support, and advocacy services through community-based efforts.

HIV Prevention Education

ADVANCE aims to reduce the prevalence rate of HIV in Nigeria through two major preventions strategies; HIV prevention education and free HIV testing and counselling.

Prevention Education is carried out through the church structures and church teams. Groups, like women’s, men’s and youth fellowship are required to include HIV education at least twice a year in their programming. As the major HIV prevention strategies come straight from scripture this is an opportunity to challenge many church goers and community members on the authenticity of their faith. The trained teams in each area are involved in annual visits to each congregation in their area for HIV prevention teaching and free HIV testing and counselling. Testing and counselling helps in the prevention of HIV by encouraging individuals to know their HIV status and make plans to stay negative or to avoid infecting others if they are HIV positive.

HIV and AIDS Care

HIV and AIDS is not an individual problem – it affects all of us. All of us have a duty to join the struggle against HIV and AIDS and show love to those infected. Once a client tests HIV positive one of the most vital things that a living and compassionate church must do is lend support and care.

Stigma and ignorance has led to a very poor relationship between people who are living with HIV and AIDS and the church in many areas. People living with HIV may fear revealing their status in case they are thrown out or put on church discipline. The deep seated prejudices of individuals are tough to change, but through stigma reduction measures and training of care workers and volunteers as part of the HIV team in each community, this situation is changing slowly. ADVANCE has a designated Centre for the counselling and care of PLWH in Ogugu, Kogi State. The Donegore Centre openly serves all the members of Ogugu community regardless of financial situation, faith or age. As clients come for counselling over this very painful and life changing issue, some are turning to Christ for the first time and others are realising the joy of a deeper relationship with their God.