Our child wellbeing and protection strategy is a road map to promote resilience and emotional wellbeing for the children and families that we serve.

Child Sponsorship Programme

Our Circle of Hope Child Sponsorship programme is a Christ-centred approach to child wellbeing, giving hope to hundreds of children in Nigeria. It enables at-risk children realize they have value and potential in the eyes of the Lord, and that their future can be one of hope instead of despair.

Our child sponsorship refers to activities that we carry out to provide support in cash or kind to individual children or families, through donations received by our local and foreign sponsors who are linked to a designated child or family.

Circle of Hope Sponsorship programme is a bridge that connects at-risk children to individuals, families and groups that are passionate about helping orphans and vulnerable children. One hundred percent of all donations is dedicated to the compelling needs of these children and to transforming their lives.

Although we provide relief for urgent needs, ADVANCE is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for our sponsored children's physical, educational, and spiritual needs, in a way that gives them hope and a future. We are currently focused on helping at-risk children in Ogugu – Kogi State and Jahi - Abuja. Future expansion is planned for other communities in Aba, Port Harcourt, Eket, as we have sponsors from within and outside Nigeria.

If you will like to sponsor a child or contribute towards the shelter, medical care, education, clothing and beddings, food and general welfare of the children under our care, please follow the link below.

Child Protection Programme

A greater vision for all children. A targeted focus on child wellbeing. A deeper commitment to the protection of children from all forms of abuse. These are the building blocks of our mission to ensure the health and safety of children are of paramount concern to the church and the society.

The focus is always placed on safeguarding and protecting the child. ADVANCE trains church leaders, workers and teachers in schools and theological collages on child abuse prevention and protection through it National Child Protection Workshops. The participants are empowered in both church and community settings to deliver activities from the workshops, aimed at teaching children how to talk about abuse in their families and communities and protect themselves against potential dangers. Church leaders are also trained on how to use the ADVANCE UEC Child Protection Policy within their local communities and to engage children and youth in activities that promote awareness and understanding of the issues at stake.

Our child wellbeing and protection programmes are delivered in partnership with national and local churches, primary and secondary schools, other non-governmental organizations, and community groups, to ensure success and sustainability. These programs, especially our training workshops, provide new and advanced information and skills for church leaders and workers to challenge their thinking and expand their skills, knowledge and further develop their attitudes, and those of their congregations, with regards to child abuse prevention and protection within and outside the church. For more details about our child protection programmes, please click on 'Learn More' below to read our Child Protection Policy.